Learn about the signs

Speech and Language Disorders can present in a number of ways, and can look very different based on the disorder and the individual. If you or your child has difficulty with comprehension or production of language or speech consider taking our self evaluation.

Get a Professional Evaluation

Speech Language assessments can determine if a person’s speech and language functioning are within normal limits and help us better understand how one’s speech and language functioning impacts day to day living. The assessments evaluate functional skills with formal assessments, clinical observations and personal reporting. I am happy to offer free thirty minute consultations to determine whether a professional assessment is your best option. Learn more about our evaluation methods here.

Start Intervention

​Language delays and speech sound disorders can be frustrating for both children and their families. Our philosophy of speech language therapy and learning intervention is strength based. We identify our clients’ greatest speech language and learning strengths and use them to remediate weaknesses. Not only are our speech-language therapy and learning intervention techniques customized to each client, but we also custom design our delivery models to best meet the needs of our clients and their families. Learn more about intervention strategies here.