Speech sound disorders are one of the most common concerns for parents. Children develop at different rates, which makes it difficult to know what to expect from a child's speech. A formal speech evaluation can help answer: 

What sounds are expected at a certain age?

How your child's speech skills are impacting his/her vocabulary development?

How intelligible is your child's connected speech? 

Are your child's speech errors phonological or motor based? 


Language is an essential skill for academic, social and life success. A formal language assessment investigates vocabulary functioning, semantic skills, verbal memory and various language processing abilities.

Speech and Language evaluations can be conducted in one day or through dynamic assessment.  

Dynamic Assessment

These evaluations allocate 18 sessions to provide intensive intervention in addition to gathering formal and informal assessment information. Performing evaluations over multiple weeks allows for flexibility to tailor the assessment to best meet the needs of the client while gathering both performance and response data.

Response to Intervention Evaluations Include:

  • 6 Evaluation Sessions

  • 12 Treatment sessions

  • 3 Flex Sessions (to be used for home visits, parent conferences, school meetings, parent trainings, etc.)

  • Parent interview

  • Client interview

  • Teacher interview/questionnaire

  • Formal language, reading and writing assessments (as appropriate)

  • Rate measurements

  • Response data

  • Data proven strategies to which the child responded

  • Recommended intervention strategies

  • Recommended treatment goals

We also offer traditional evaluations when clinically appropriate. Traditional evaluations are conducted over two sessions.

Please contact us to discuss our evaluation approach with you.