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Rapid Progress, Strength Based

Learning rate is our business! Wilder Language and Learning of Boulder, Colorado is committed to maximizing our client’s potential. We aim for our clients to respond to speech language therapy in the shortest amount of time possible.

Our delivery model varies from two to four sessions a week or blended programs that utilize traditional and tele-therapy practices. Our block-system model of speech therapy and literacy intervention offers clients and families a balance of targeted, focused therapy with maximum flexibility. This method of speech therapy intervention efficiently utilizes one of families’ and clients’ most limited resource – time! It also allows for speech-language therapy to be highly personalized to individual learning rates.

When Larisa Wilder begins to work with a client, she accepts the client's speech, language and learning well-being as her full responsibility. Larisa has a great gift for rapidly identifying client’s strengths and weaknesses. She uses the client’s strengths to improve the language deficit that is impeding the client’s performance.

Our primary goal is to remediate the underlining language weakness that is causing the reading, writing or language deficit. We fix the processing in order to build the skills to improve performance. 

At Wilder Language & Learning we utilize a block-system service delivery model to best meet our client’s needs. The block system utilizes some of the greatest tools therapists have to optimize results which are frequency, intensity, and duration of therapy. While traditional therapy typically uses the same level of frequency, intensity, and duration for all clients, WLL adjusts these levels to best serve each individual client.

A block is an intensive six week intervention session with targeted, focused and specific short-term objectives. Each block begins with a specific treatment plan which is created in collaboration with the family and ends with a progress report and a parent/client conference.

We are family centered. Parents are always welcomed in the sessions. Larisa welcomes families to come as they are. Children, parents, siblings, and crazy schedules are all welcomed here.