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Expert in Dyslexia and Language Based Learning Disabilities


I help people overcome their communication and learning challenges everyday and I love doing it! I understand the disconnect many individuals face of having great talents in some areas and true challenges in others. For some individuals these challenges can be disabling, but with the right support, intervention, and a lot of hard work, the impact of these challenges can be greatly reduced, if not completely overcome. After 15 years of supporting children and adults with communication and learning challenges, I have learned which intervention and delivery model principles are the most effective and efficient. I have started Wilder Language and Learning with the intention of keeping efficient, focused, and progressive intervention models at the heart of what we do.

Larisa Wilder MA CCC-SLP, or as her clients call her “Ms. La” received her Bachelor’s of the Arts in Humanities in 2001 from the University of Colorado Boulder. After graduating she worked in wilderness therapy with adolescents who had learning and behavioral challenges at the Aspen Education Group. During this experience she witnessed the impact that learning and communication challenges can have on emotional development and vice versa. This lesson greatly motivates Larisa to make the greatest impact in the least amount of time in order to reduce the emotional impact which learning and communication challenges can have on children and adults. 

After working in Wilderness therapy, Larisa returned to Boulder and worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Behavioral Genetics Colorado Learning Disability Research Lab where she regularly performed an extensive battery of psychological and educational assessments. It was during this time that “Ms. La” developed a great proficiency in administering standardized assessments and where her love for assessing communication and learning skills was born. 

Larisa received her Master’s of the Arts in Communication Disorders at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and received her Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association in 2007. Larisa completed her clinical fellowship at The Children’s Hospital Colorado where she worked in both the Speech-Language Department and the Learning Department. This experience gave her a keen and unique perspective on the connection between language, learning and literacy, which has shaped her approach to therapy. 

Larisa also has additional training in many multi-sensory language and reading programs including: Orton-Gillingham, Lindamood-Bell, Language!, REWARDS, Davis, Spellography, RAVE-O and many more!  She is able to integrate these programs with her training as a Speech-Language Pathologist to best serve clients reading and language needs. This allows her to provide holistic, language-based intervention to her clients. 

Upon completion of her clinical fellowship at Children’s Hospital, “Ms. La” worked at Boulder Valley School District as a Speech-Language Pathologist in addition to being a Literacy and Learning Interventionist. During this time Larisa was able to make a great impact on large groups of children by using progressive delivery models in addition to evidenced based intervention techniques. This experience solidified for “Ms. La” the importance of having the appropriate amount of frequency, duration and intensity of intervention to make a significant and quick impact on growth. This lesson is one of the founding principals of Wilder Language and Learning.

“Ms. La”  has also worked as a clinical supervisor for the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions in Boston, Massachusetts. She has worked in both early intervention and in the public schools in Colorado, Arizona, and Massachusetts which has given her a broad perspective on various intervention approaches and helped her define which approaches and delivery models work best for her clients.

Larisa provides ongoing professional development for Specific Learning Disability Eligibility to public and charters schools. She has supported over 50 schools nationally as they have transitioned to the new eligibility criteria. She is passionate about helping schools build efficient, compliant and effective systems to increase performance outcomes.

Larisa is a member of the International Dyslexia AssociationAmerican Speech-Language and Hearing Association and the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading.

Larisa lives in Boulder, Colorado.  She is the mother of a 9 year-old boy and 6 year-old twin girls. She greatly appreciates being part of, and raising her family in, a supportive and accepting community.