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*This is to be used to demonstrate the expansiveness of Dyslexia and not as a formal diagnostic tool.

Do you or your child:

Have difficulty reading single words?                     

Frequently mispronounce words?                          

Have difficulty remembering names of people, cities or streets?   

Read slowly or with difficulty?

Read disfluently? 

Say the wrong word when reading outloud?

Have difficulty learning new vocabulary words?

Have difficulty spelling?

Have difficulty composing sentences?

Have difficulty getting ideas on the paper?

Have generally low expressive language?

Have difficulty with reading comprehension? 

Have difficulty identifying parts of words (prefixes, suffixes, root words)? 

Have difficulty segmenting multisyllabic words?

Feel resistant to reading?

Dislike reading?

Prefer nonfiction?

Fatigue easily when reading and writing?

Any combination of the behaviors described above could be a sign of dyslexia, but a professional evaluation is needed for an official diagnosis.