Stacking Blocks


*This is to be used to demonstrate the expansiveness of Speech-Language Impairment and not as a formal diagnostic tool.

Can you understand what your child says

   2 years old at least 50%?

   3 years old at least 75%?

   4 years old or older 100%?

Did you child say their first consonant-vowel-consonant utterance by 1 year old? (ie. bab)

Did you child have two word utterances by 18 months?

Can strangers fully understand your child?

Can your child consistently make requests?

Can your child retell events from the day in a clear, organized order?

Can your child describe events with details?

Can you child follow multi-step directions?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, you or your child could have a speech-language impairment. A formal diagnosis can be made after a professional evaluation.