Rapid Response Model

Larisa Wilder MA/CCC-SLP is highly trained in the treatment of Dyslexia. Larisa has extensive training in multi-sensory reading and writing instruction.  Being a Speech- Language Pathologist also provides her with a deep and broad understanding of the language system. She effectively and efficiently teaches decoding skills, but more importantly, as a speech-language pathologist she is able to treat the language systems that are causing the reading difficulties. Larisa does not simply follow a curriculum when treating Dyslexia. She has the breadth and depth of knowledge to use these curriculums to truly reshape the her client’s language learning system. 

When treating Dyslexia, Larisa is able to rapidly analyze a client's reading, writing, and language processing to create a specialized approach that will best treat that individual. Multi-sensory, systematic, sequential and evidenced-based is just the beginning of Larisa's Dyslexic treatment plans. While she has received training in many reading programs, Larisa does not rely upon one method to intervene on the language system. 

Larisa works with Individuals with Dyslexia across the lifespan, which gives her a unique understanding of how Dyslexia can impact a person in different environments and what skills are the most essential for long-term success. At times she is the first clinician to provide services for a client. Other times, clients will come to Larisa after receiving years of multi-sensory reading instruction. Larisa has had the great honor of treating over 300 individuals with Dyslexia.

Services are provided with a high level of intensity (typically 2x per week) for a 6 week block. After the six weeks progress is reviewed and a new treatment plan in developed. Typically, clients will take breaks between blocks to allow for generalization of newly learned skills. Six week blocks also prevent cognitive fatigue, over-therapy, and  clinician drift. It is also believed to be the most cost effective method of service delivery. 

Dyslexia is a Language-Based Learning Disability. Treating it exclusively as a reading disorder is an oversimplifying. Individuals graduate from Larisa's services truly knowing themselves as a learner, a reader, a writer and an independent leader in their education and beyond!