Wilder Language and Learning of Boulder utilizes a unique and progressive evaluation model. We utilize the principles of dynamic assessment to best determine learning needs and to differentiate between language and learning differences, and language and learning disabilities. While traditional evaluation models only measure a client’s performance levels, at WLL we evaluate both the client’s performance and response rate, which provides the most accurate diagnostic information and intervention recommendations.  Response rate is measured by providing appropriate evidenced-based intervention at the necessary frequency, duration, and intensity and measuring the client’s response. It can then be determined if the rate of response of intervention (RRtI) is appropriate.

These evaluations adhere to the current public school special education eligibility criteria. 

Our evaluations are the most thorough method for determining a client’s performance levels, strengths, and areas of need, in addition to determining intervention strategies to which the client best responds. Response evaluations are also the only method that measure the rate of response of a client over time which is essential in determining the level and presence of a disability.

These evaluations allocate 18 sessions to provide intensive intervention in addition to gathering formal and informal assessment information. Performing evaluations over multiple weeks allows for flexibility to tailor the assessment to best meet the needs of the client while gathering both performance and response data.

Response to Intervention Evaluations Include:

  • 6 Evaluation Sessions

  • 12 Treatment sessions

  • 3 Flex Sessions (to be used for home visits, parent conferences, school meetings, parent trainings, etc.)

  • Parent interview

  • Client interview

  • Teacher interview/questionnaire

  • Formal language, reading and writing assessments (as appropriate)

  • Rate measurements

  • Response data

  • Data proven strategies to which the child responded

  • Recommended intervention strategies

  • Recommended treatment goals

We also offer traditional evaluations when clinically appropriate. Traditional evaluations are conducted over two sessions.

Please contact us to discuss our evaluation approach with you further. We will take the time to discuss your specific situation and develop an individualized evaluation and intervention plan that best meets you and your family’s needs.


Are you ready to learn more about how professional intervention can unlock the potential for success in oral language, reading, and writing? Leave me a message, or give me a call to schedule your free 30 minute consultation today.

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