Learn about the signs

Dyslexia is a learning-based language disability that impacts a person's ability to read, write, and comprehend texts. If you or your child struggles with any of these tasks, consider taking our dyslexia self assessment.

Get a Professional Evaluation

While not always necessary to begin intervention, an evaluation can be helpful for clients in families in many ways. Evaluations can provide definitive answers to puzzling questions. They can also help create targeted and specific treatment goals, which can expedite progress. Evaluations can also be helpful in naming disabilities, which can be at times comforting for families and individuals. I am happy to offer free thirty minute consultations to determine whether a professional assessment is your best option. Learn more about our evaluation methods here.

Start Intervention

Reading and writing difficulties can make daily academic tasks challenging, if not impossible; however, these skills can be taught and underlying processing issues can be remediated. With appropriate services delivery models and evidenced-based intervention techniques most individuals make great gains in their reading abilities. Intervention is the best way to maximize success in reading, writing, and comprehension skills. Finding the right intervention can be key to you or your child's academic success. Learn more about our invention methods here.