Learn about the myths that surround dyslexia, what causes them and why individualized treatment plans are so important.

Intervening on Dyslexia is the main focus of my private practice in Boulder, Colorado. Each child with Dyslexia is different and each child will respond to intervention differently. Even among all these differences, most interventionists agree that building adequate re...

August 13, 2017


This class is designed for parents of children 0-3 years old.  The content of the class will cover the most current research regarding language development and the basics of signing with your ch...

I am excited to announce that I will be relocating my office to the Crossroad Gardens Building which is located at 1800 30th Street, Boulder Colorado, Suite #305. This is an iconic Boulder office building. Most refer to it as the “Japanese Garden Building” due to its u...

You know the drill. Your child completes her speech language therapy session with her “Good Job” sticker in hand and a beaming smile across her face from having won Candy Land for the third week in a row. As she approaches you with pride the speech language pathologist...

October 14, 2014

Autumn is in full swing! The leaves continue to change and we have mostly fallen into our school year routines. As we close in on the completion of the first quarter of the school year many parents begin to ask, “Will they grow out of it?”.

As parents we have all a...

New Thoughts on Reading and Fluency – It Is Not What You Think!

A conversation with Dr. Ryan Pollard

Reading interventionists work with fluency difficulties everyday, and by fluency I mean oral reading fluency. Oral reading fluency refers to the rate an individual can ac...

I have great respect for every individual who sits down at my work table, regardless of their age. But there is a special respect I have for the adult client who willingly takes the time and dedicates the financial resources to better themselves. Interestingly, most of...

The label of dyslexia can be controversial, especially in light of the new public school eligibility guidelines.   Is it the NEED for specialized instruction that makes a child dyslexic/reading disordered or a lack of response that makes a child dyslexic/reading disord...

What is adequate instruction? Is it instruction that meets the needs of 80% of the children? 90%? 95%?

This is an essential question to answer, and one that is not easy answered and probably will not be answered sufficiently in the near future. However, diagnosis criter...

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