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Adult Services

At times, even the most compensated and successful adults with learning disabilities and ADHD often find themselves in need of supportive adult learning services. At Wilder Language and Learning of Boulder we understand the unique needs of adults with learning disabilities and ADHD.

Whether it is effectively managing your professional responsibilities at the office or staying on top of the never ending to-do lists of running a home and being a parent, many adults with a learning disability find it helpful to have the structure and accountability of regular cognitive strategy meetings in order to optimize their effectiveness and fulfill their potential. We are skilled in providing these coaching and supportive services.

Many adults with learning disabilities and ADHD have achieved a great deal by compensating for their reading, writing, language or executive functioning weaknesses. Adulthood can offer a unique opportunity to revisit some of these weaknesses and truly remediate these skills. At Wilder Language and Learning of Boulder, we have experience in providing intervention to adults with language-based learning disabilities and ADHD and are sensitive to the different intervention approaches needed for adults with language-based learning disabilities. 

We work with adults who have a history of language based learning disabilities and those who are newly diagnosed. Some adults are not identified until later in life. Other adults may have been identified earlier in life, but do not have the time or resources to address their reading and learning issues until adulthood. Many successful adults still struggle with elements of their learning disability. Wilder language and learning provides intervention and evaluations to adult who many still have gaps in their learning. We also offer ongoing maintenance and supportive programs for adults with learning disabilities.

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College Student Services

You have done it!

Now you are a college student. You have successfully been accepted into college. You have worked harder, smarter and differently from your peers to get to where you are. And now what?

Being a college student is exhilarating and can be overwhelming for every college student, but if you are a college student with a learning disability and/or ADHD, the adjustment to college comes with its unique set of challenges.

College requires you to adjust to a completely new environment from learning your way around campus, navigating the library system and making a new friends. For many of you this will be the first time you will be managing your own money, and most of all, managing your own time. The college school system is completely different from your high school system and most students benefit from some explicit instruction regarding successful strategies for college achievement.

Wilder Language & Learning of Boulder understands what college students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD need to be successful. We provide and array of services to college students from pre-semester strategy meetings that set you up for success to targeted support through that daunting term paper.

Please contact us to discuss your specific situation further and learn how we support college students.

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Parent Support

Parents are part of the process!

Support for Parents of School Age and High School Students

Navigating the public schools service delivery models can be confusing, emotional and overwhelming for a parent seeking the best support for their children, especially in light of the recent changes in special education policy. 

At Wilder Language & Learning of Boulder, Colorado, we have extensive experience working in education policy and have the expertise to equip parents with the information they need to receive the educational support that is best for their child. We provide parent support and will take you through your child’s Response to Intervention (RtI) problem solving meetings, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting or Special Education Eligibility meeting to ensure that your child’s needs are best met.

Support for Parents of Preschool Children

At Wilder Language and Learning we understand that parents have the greatest influence over their child’s development. We will work closely with you to support your child’s speech and language development by giving you simple activities and strategies to use when your child is not in therapy. Parents are an essential part of the intervention process and we will involve you in the intervention sessions to help your child gain the most out of therapy.

IEP Eligibility and Intervention Consulting

Larisa has spent a large amount of her career supporting special education teams in improving their process and policies for Identifying a Specific Learning Disability. She would be happy to talk with you and discuss how she can support your school team.

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Summer Classes and Mountain Locations

Summer is a great time to receive intervention, whether it be a brief bump up in skills or a full intensive intervention block. We also offer many intensive summer classes at various locations around Colorado to best meet our client’s needs.